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WinRAR 5.10 Første Beta frigivet

WinRAR 5.10 beta 1 – hvad nyt i seneste version?
WinRAR – What’s new in the latest versionVersion 5.10 beta 1

1. Added extraction support for ZIP and ZIPX archives using
BZIP2, LZMA and PPMd compression.

2. Added extraction support for 7z split archives
(.7z.001, .7z.002, …).

3. Added support for AES-NI CPU instructions allowing to improve
RAR encryption and decryption performance.

4. Default theme images are scaled up with better quality
in high DPI display mode.

5. Environment variables, such as , can be used
in “Files to add” field of archiving dialog.

6. Switch -ai can be used when creating RAR archive,
so predefined values, typical for file and folder,
are stored instead of actual attributes.
Previously this switch could be used only when extracting.

Thank you very much for supporting us!

Your WinRAR Team

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